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What is needed for a distant Reiki session

The requirements for conducting a distant Reiki session are very similar to the requirements needed to conduct an animal communication health assessment. 

  • I need the animal pictured alone with a clear view of the face and a separate photo showing the animal's whole body. 

  • The animal should be kept quiet during the session to get the most benefit but doesn't need to be restrained. Some examples may include:

    • A cat quietly walking around the house​

    • A dog sleeping in its favorite chair

    • A horse quietly standing in their stall or grazing out in the pasture

  • Your session will be carried out at your scheduled time. Notes from the Reiki session will be recorded and sent to you as a short video on the day the session is completed.


Reiki sessions are offered distantly and do not include animal communication. If you are interested in animal communication please book it separately.

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