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About Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that originated in Japan in the early 20th century. It originally started out as a meditative practice and has evolved into a complementary healing art. Reiki is based upon the premise that, “life force energy,” the energy that makes up all living things, flows through us.  It is believed that when this energy is flowing properly and in balance that the body remains in a state of relaxation which can reduce stress and promote healing.


Reiki is a non-denominational spiritual practice that encompasses one of the most powerful emotions, love.  All healing comes from the highest and greatest good for the animal. As you can imagine, for an animal that is scared, distressed, or hurting in any way to be able to sit in a place of love and understanding for a session can promote a great amount of healing and relaxation. 

During the session, the Reiki therapist is not actually healing the animal, nor are they the source of the healing energy.   The Reiki therapist, rather works as a mediator, to help channel the life force energy to the animal receiving the session, so they can use this energy wherever there is the greatest need; emotionally, physically, or spiritually.  Reiki helps give the body a break from the stressed of daily life.  Once the body has returned to a state of relaxation the body can more easily heal from stress, injury or disease.

As a certified Reiki Master, when doing distant healing, I use intention, focus, mediation, and various healing techniques to merge with the animal I am supporting with Reiki. When merging with the animal, I hold a space of, "all is well, to create a peaceful healing space for the animal.  Animals are much more sensitive to energy healing than people and energy is never forced upon the animal. The animal always makes a conscious decision to participate in the healing session.  I do not proceed unless I have the animal’s consent.  I never enter a session with a set plan of action. Rather I sit with the animal and their energy and let them guide me through the healing session.

Reiki can be performed as individual sessions or multiple session conducted over days, weeks, and/or months. Individual sessions are more appropriate for isolated incidents, such as moving homes, being kenneled while the family is on vacation, or following a minor procedure.  However, if the animal has had a long standing imbalance, meaning there has been a chronic health issues, years of mental stress, or deep emotional trauma, multiple sessions may be required to help the animal.   Even though Reiki is an excellent complementary treatment for animals, it is never a substitute for veterinary care or treatment.

There are some major advantages to distant Reiki sessions when working with animals-

  • You don’t need to transport- Animals that are difficult to transport or are unable to be transported can easily be treated.

  • Easily can be performed on animals with anxiety or aggression- Distant Reiki sessions are perfect for animals that may do poorly with generalized physical contact with people.

  • Flexibility- As long as the animal is relatively calm you don’t have to be with the animal for the session. That means the distant Reiki session can take place when you are running the kids to school, at work, or taking care of other daily duties.

  • Allowed to stay in familiar surroundings- The animal can relax in the comfort of its home while receiving treatment.

  • Can be performed from anywhere in the world- That means even if I live in the United States, I can easily treat an animal anywhere on the globe.

  • Even if you can’t reach the animal they can still be treated- If an animal is currently under emergency care or lost they can still benefit from receiving Reiki

  • Can also aid in helping animals transition- There are few modalities that support living animals and animals preparing to transition.  Reiki can help support animals that are preparing to transition or animals struggling to cross over move into the light and find peace.

Reiki- commonly used terms

Chakra balancing: The word Chakra comes from Sanskrit and means disc or wheel.  Chakras are the energy centers of the body and if they remain open and balanced, they help to maintain harmony in the body.  If Chakras become closed or blocked the animal can experience physical or emotional symptoms associated with the parts of the body that particular Chakra supports.  Chakra balancing ensures all these chakras are open, clear, and functionally optimally.

Grounding: Being ground, means that the animal can easily stay in the present moment. They are not flighty or aloof.  They are not easily affected by affected by various people, places, or things.  Sometimes during stress or past trauma animals can become ungrounded and grounding helps bring them back to the present. This grounding process helps create a sense of calm and peace in the moment.

Aura cleansing: You have probably experienced someone else’s aura if you met someone and were immediately drawn to them or immediately repelled by them before they even said anything. The aura is the energy body that surrounds the body.  The aura directly reflects what is going on for us emotionally and is constantly changing.  Sometimes a great amount of negative energy can become trapped in the aura and needs to be cleared to assist the animal with emotional balance.

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