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Animal Communication Services

Prior to conducting an animal communication I will need some additional information and photos.  Click here to see review the requirements.

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Quick Check-in- $45

This is a non-live session and has become increasingly popular.  This session literally takes no time out of your day because you don't have to schedule a live session with me.  Instead, prior to connecting with your pet I get an understanding of your concerns and questions.  I then connect with your pet and record a short video with the session information and answers to your questions.  This video is then sent to you for your review.

Occasionally, you may need some details clarified.  You are allowed to come back with clarifying questions one time.  If after that time you still have additional questions, it may be time to schedule a live session. 

Are you someone that:

  • Has a few questions that don't require a lot of dialogue with your pet?

  • Has a super full schedule and need answers but don't know when to fit in a live session?

  • Has never had an animal communication before and would like to experience animal communication, but aren't sure your ready for a live session? 

Then this could be the session for you!

I work these sessions into my schedule on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  For that reason, I offer a lot of value at the very reasonable price of $45.  I will always communicate with you when I intend to do the communication so you know when to expect the feedback. 


Up to a 60 minutes live Zoom session devoted to you and your pet.  This is a perfect add-on to a quick check-in if you are looking for more details, but also functions well as a stand alone session.  This is a conversation style communication that allows you and your animal to talk about day-to-day activities, discomfort, and frustrations. 

How often to you say:

  • I wonder if they are happy here?

  • Do I do enough for them?

  • Do they like their job or do they just tolerate it?

  • Would they like a friend?

  • That’s a new behavior. Are they upset or in pain?


If you wish to have an interactive conversation to discuss these or other pressing questions, a comprehensive consultation is perfect for you and your pet. 

Animal brown horse

2 hour intensive- $135

Up to a 2 hour live Zoom session to dig deep into concerns and questions. Some situations can be more complicated and require additional time to talk through and resolve. This session is also conversation style and allows you the time and space to talk through any health or behavior issues that leave you feeling uneasy, apprehensive, or frustrated. 

Reasons to consider the two hour intensive:

  • You have a lengthy list of concerns (health or behavioral)

  • You have an animal that you are struggling to bond with

  • You have a pet with extensive health concerns and you want to review current treatments and explore alternative treatment options

  • Your pet has both behavioral and health concerns and you need time to talk through them and sort them out

  • You feel your pet may be close to the end of life and you would like to see how they are feeling, understand if they need any support if their final days, put plans in place for the day of their passing, and see if they have any memorial requests.


What is most important about the two hour intensive, is that I am here to listen.  I find most people that are experiencing complicated pet issues feel that they don't have an outlet and they struggle to find people that really hear them. This is a time to unload the baggage you have been carrying and express how you are truly feeling.  Addressing your emotions along with your pets is pivotal in helping both parties find resolve. 

Closeup of a Black Dog

Don't see exactly what you are looking for?


Please send me a message so we can chat a bit about your animal and their specific needs.  

Reiki is a great way to support your pet. I also offer Reiki sessions and packages.

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