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Booking a Reiki Session

Find out what is needed for a distant Reiki session

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30-minute Distant Reiki Session- $35

Support your pet during times of short-term illness or emotional stress with a 30 minute Reiki session.

Individual sessions are appropriate to support your pet through a specific event such as moving or recovering from a procedure or surgery.

Help reduce stress, decrease discomfort, and increase relaxation with Reiki, so that, your animal can progress forward with emotional, behavioral, physical healing.

Session is for one animal only.


Distant Reiki Healing Package
3- 30 minute sessions- $85

Support chronic illness, help your pet prepare to transition, or support their healing journey with 3-Reiki sessions.

Reiki has a cumulative effect and each session naturally builds on itself to provide a greater level of support for your animals physical, emotional, and behavioral healing, so that you can support their on-going healing journey or help them prepare to transition. 


Sessions can be scheduled all in one week, weekly, or monthly. I would be happy to guide through what is appropriate for your animal's situation.

Package is for one animal only.


Please purchase additional packages for each animal in your home.

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Spiritual Release- $35

Spiritual release is a loving Reiki ceremony that is performed to help spirits struggling to transition  move into the light.  Sometimes if an animal dies in a traumatic way, they don’t know they have passed and continue to linger on the earth plane.


I have actually stopped when driving to move a cat off the road that had passed.  The cat had no collar and no identification. I moved the cat off the road where it’s physical body could no longer be damaged and said a short prayer to release its soul.  I felt the cat riding with me on my shoulder for a couple miles as it thanked me for my intervention before moving into the light.

Other times animals that are close to passing linger in their body, for various reasons, and don’t move into the light. Spiritual release is commonly performed on people that linger in a coma.  This ceremony acts as a way to grant permission and guidance to direct the soul to the light.

Using a series of non-denominational prayers, I create a loving space to help the animal’s spirit move into the light and complete the transition process. 

This ceremony is a beautiful way to honor your pet and help release guilt and worry around their passing so that you can know they are now at peace.


Don't see exactly what you are looking for?

Please send me a message so we can chat a bit about your animal and their specific needs.  

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