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Photos & additional information for
animal communication or Reiki sessions

Required Photos

All communications are carried out with photos provided by the animal's guardian. 


  • Behavioral consultations only require the animal pictured alone with a clear shot of their face. 

  • Health assessments and Reiki sessions require two photos. One photo would be a clear facial shot and the photo would ideally be taken broadside to depict the animals full body. 

Good facial picture
showing both eyes


Good side body picture showing full body detail


Client Agreement and Understanding

The client agreement and understanding is for animal communication only. The client agreement and understanding details the expectations of the session.  When you email me your pet's photo and other information you can simply denote that you have read and understand this agreement.   

Click here to see a copy of the client agreement and understanding

Required Information

You will be asked to provide some information about your pet before you animal communication or Reiki session.   I like to have people list their concerns or questions as a way to guide the primary focus of the session. 

  • I have read and understand the client agreement and understanding (yes or no)

  • Pet's name

  • Age

  • Breed

  • How long have they lived with you?

  • Would you consider them a rescue?

  • Please list your concerns/questions?

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