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How does this work?

About Animal Communication

Animal communication is a connection made with on an energetic or intuitive level and information is shared telepathically.  Telepathy is the universal language so no matter where in the world the animal resides or the primary spoken language, the telepathic message can still be easily understood.  The act of telepathy requires a process of connection and disconnection from the animal.


I conduct my communications remotely using a photo of the animal provided by their guardian. In general, it can be helpful to have a photo that shows a good facial shot, including both eyes, but it isn't absolutely necessary. The eyes are said to be the, "window to the soul," and can be helpful in establishing connection with the animal. It is also helpful to have the animal pictured alone to establish a purer energetic connection.  


During telepathic animal communication animals often share details about their lives in the form of emotions, inner knowing, images, physical sensations, smells, and taste. Just as people have different ways they communicate; every animal communicates in a slightly different way. Some animals are more reserved or shy, and may require a gentler patient approach to allow then to verbalize their thoughts. While others are eager to communicate and talk so fast that you have to tell them to slow down.

When would it be appropriate to hire an animal communicator?

Animal communication can be used for a variety of different ways including; behavioral or emotion issues, health issues, and animals that are preparing to pass.  Although animal communication can help provide insight into your animal’s feelings around a topic it is never a supplement for appropriate training or veterinary medicine.

Sometimes people feel lost, confused, and scared about how to help their animals. Some examples might include:

  • Your dog's long time dog companion has passed away and they seem very depressed.  You don't know if they would like a new companion or the best way to help them move forward?

  • Your horse has been recently vetted but still seems out of sorts.  The vet says there are no signs of pain but she certainly isn't acting like herself.

  • Your cat was recently diagnosed with a new condition that requires various medicines and you wonder how the cat feels about their new diagnosis, how they feel when they take the medications, and other ways you could support your cat friend.

  • You have  couple different dogs in your house that just don't always seem eye to eye. In fact some of their behaviors are down right confusing and you'd like to know what each of them is thinking and how to bring about resolve.

These are only a few reasons why you might reach out to an animal communicator.  My goal as an animal communicator is to help my clients release worry, guilt, or frustration so that they can feel calm, secure, and empowered.  

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