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About Laura Marie

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I grew up in Southwestern Wisconsin on a small dairy farm. From a young age animals were always in integral part of my life.  I spent most of my days outside surrounded by cats, dogs, cattle, horses, and pigs.  Care for the animals was always first priority and they always received pristine care and treatment.  

Following high school, I pursued a career in Laboratory Science and worked in several hospitals and environmental facilities. This career allowed me to pursue my other interests including: energy healing, dog training, and animal communication.  This career also served to expand my medical knowledge which I have found invaluable as I work with animals with health issues.

I have been privileged enough to study under some amazing animal communicators.  The ability to study under different teachers has exposed me to various different teaching styles and given me a broader understanding of different ways to hold and carry out animal communication.  

I have studied under numerous Reiki teachers and studied both Animal and Human Reiki.  Working with different teachers exposed me to different healing styles and techniques.  I learned how sensitive animals are to energy and how they must be approached very differently than how you would approach a human client.  As a certified Reiki Master in Holy Fire Reiki, I can now incorporate all the teachings I have received and tailor them to the animals.

My life experiences and various educational endeavors exposed me to different communities where people were seeking clarity and understanding from their animals.  Sometimes these were simple training questions and other times they were complex health issues. In either case, the people simply didn't know how to proceed and were desperately seeking help. I can also say, I have had similar experiences with my own animals, and in those moments, you feel quite helpless and scared. 

In 2021, four of my eight dogs were diagnosed with major health conditions within a two-week period.  Diagnosis varied from continued cared for the rest of their life to a prognosis of days to weeks.  My ability to communicate with my animals and be able to adjust their medical care to best serve their needs has thrown that prognosis of days to weeks out the window.  My animals continue to teach me and show me how to adjust their care.  They may be my most important teachers of all. 

 My goal as an animal communicator is to listen with an open heart without judgement and to help others move through their struggles.  Often just having a deeper understanding of how our animals feel helps release guilt, worry, and frustration.  The ability to release these emotions can help restore a sense of calm and empowerment. It can also help form a deeper loving connection between our animals and us. 

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